Try Something New

Try New Things

Trying something new can be frightening, cause anxiety or be downright frustrating. Why is that?

When we were children, we tried new things all the time and could care less about the outcome.

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We encourage our own children to try new things whether it be food, sports, friendships, books, movies – you get the idea.

So then, why can it be so difficult to try something new as we become adults?

Is it perhaps that we have simply forgotten how to let go and be detached from the outcome? As we grew older, were there so many rules imposed on us, so many tests that we had to pass that the idea of failure has become so distasteful that attempting anything new must be avoided at all costs…


Or perhaps we have simply overlooked the joy that trying something new offers us.

Enjoying the process of trying something new rather than being fixated on the result – that’s where the magic lies. Now that’s something worth trying.

So let go, relax, forget about the outcome and try something new simply for the joy of the experience. That’s one of the reasons why we are here – to live and experience life in its myriad of forms.

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What is your experience with trying something new?

Do you like doing new things or does it cause you anxiety or fear?

When is the last time that you tried something new and what was the result? Let us know – comment below!

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