Awaken Happiness Within

Happiness is a personal choice made moment by moment over and over again perpetually in the eternal moment of now, forever.  Happiness is found within each of us at the Source.  Our purpose is to inspire ourselves and others to find happiness within ourselves and share it with the world.


Inspire Self Love

Inspire Self.  Inspire Love.  Inspire Self Love.  Love thyself.  Love one another.  Love everyone and everything.  Start with Self, the inner connection to the Source.  Love Oneself first.  That love will attract and be a mirror for all to see.  In this way, love the world in every way, shape, form and feeling.  God Bless everyone and everything.


About Keri

My purpose is to help others awaken happiness within and to inspire self love so that everyone can live their best life, now.


My husband Nick has mentioned many times that I am the happiest person he knows. I am blessed being naturally happy. I used to think this was normal and I have come to realize that my experience is a little different than most. Because of this I would like to help you increase your happiness level by sharing strategies that work for me.

I have done a lot of research in the past five years about living a better quality life throughout my time here on Earth. I want to share that information with you. I know some of you will agree with my beliefs while others may not. Either way, in reading some of the research presented through various posts on awakenhappinesswithin.com, you will be making better choices for yourselves as well as your families.

I would also like to share what I have learned about God, the laws of the universe, and spirituality in the past two years. I have always felt a connection to God and have been reading some very interesting books recently. I now understand God (or the universe, or whatever else you may call Him) better. I have learned about the law of creation, commonly referred to as the law of attraction, and how to use it to live your best life, now.

The combination of these three things, which will be touched upon multiple times in much more detail, will help you to live your best life now. I will be writing about things I have found that work for me in the areas of Happiness, Health and Wellness and Relationships.

Wherever you are in your happiness journey, there is something here for you. I would love for this to be a site you visit weekly! You may want to simply to share it with others you know who may need it.  Either way, I encourage you to look around. I hope you find something of value to you. I’m glad you’re here!



About Nick

My wife Keri floats through life seemingly without a care in the world.  Most things come effortlessly and everything just always seems to work out the way she wants.  She has been known to say, innocently, “I just figured it was that way for everyone…”

Well, it’s not.

I come from a different background, a different end of the spectrum.  Yes, it is true that I now enjoy a tremendous amount of happiness and love each day.  It was very different several years ago.  Like many, I have had to search for and find my own happiness.

One of my talents is figuring stuff out.  When I applied it to happiness, I was given a tremendous gift.  I had been searching for years.  In 2015, the search ended.  Luckily, I marked my journey.

Keri and I are in a unique circumstance where we can share happiness from different viewpoints.  This website and resources help explore these viewpoints.

Welcome & Enjoy!


Our Family

Nick and I have been married for ten years. We are best friends. (And yes, I know how that sounds.) It is important for me to be open with you. Therefore I want to let you know that life is not always sunshine and rainbows. Like everyone, we have had our ups and downs. That being said, there have been far more ups. We want that to be true for you too!



We have four beautiful children. Our children are 9, 7, 4, and 3. The first two are 19 months apart, the third is 2 years, 9 months after the second, and the fourth is 19 months after the third.

Having two children a year and a half apart is challenging at the beginning because  they’re both so young, but it gets easier after 6 -9 months. Then they are able to play with each other and become the best of friends. We liked it so much we did it twice!

Our family enjoys family time the most. We love to go on vacation. Our favorite places to visit are Disney World and the beach. We also enjoy traditional family activities like picking our own blueberries, apples and pumpkins. For us, family time is truly the best time!