Fit by 40, Week 4 – New Routines

New routines have started to form.Fit by 40, Week 4

Welcome to Fit by 40, Week 4! I feel like some of the changes I have implemented are starting to become habits! This is very exciting because the whole point of this challenge was to become healthier and create new routines for myself. I gave myself a goal of being Fit by 40 so that I would have a defined time frame. There have been many other times in the past three years that I have started on this path to have it only last for a few days. While I know there is more work to be done, I am excited to have stuck with this for a month now! Fit by 40, Week 4 builds on progress made in Week 3 and shows that I am moving in the right direction.  


What Went Well, Week 4:

1. Exercise: I finally exercised this week. I realized that if I waited until it fit into my schedule, it would never happen (at least not before I turned 40)! I had to make it a priority. This week I exercised three times. I did some arm exercises with weights and I did some whole body exercises while waiting for my lunch to heat up. Both of these were quick, in the 5-10 minute range. I would like to continue squeezing strengthening exercises into my daily routine and find longer blocks of time in which to do them. Gaining muscle mass is so important, especially as we age.

I also went to the local track with my family and jogged/walked for one and a half miles. Every other lap I alternated jogging and walking. I felt really motivated and considered trying to jog two laps in a row. Upon further examination, I decided that this was the first time I had done this type of exercise in a very long time and that it was more important to ease into it and be successful so that I would want to do it again. If I pushed myself too hard I could have been injured or discouraged, giving me a good excuse to avoid this kind of exercise in the future.

2. Meditation: I firmly believe in a mind/body connection and meditated a few times this week. It left me feeling much more relaxed, connected to God and connected to my body. I also felt more intentional during the hours that followed.

3. Eating more fresh veggies: Fruit is something I have always loved to eat. I typically eat fruit with breakfast and lunch and will also eat it for a snack. Veggies have been more of an acquired taste over the years. Though I enjoy many different veggies now, it has always been a little more difficult for me to eat enough of them daily. This week I added more vegetables to our dinners. We had three different veggie options several times. I added more veggies to my plate each night, leaving less room for some of the other foods. My  thinking was that I could always get more of the other foods we were eating if I was still hungry. Each night, I was satisfied with what was on my plate. And the added bonus was that the kids ate more veggies too!

4. Drinking More Water: I continued to drink more water throughout the week. I am enjoying this new habit and plan to keep it up. I feel that I have a little more energy and it even helps me cut down on some snacking. I have learned to drink the majority of the water before the kids go to bed though! This prevents me from having to get up to use the bathroom at night. 🙂


Areas That Need Work, Week 4:

1. Eating Sweets: I find it very important to eat in moderation. This week I had my normal weekly treats. I also baked twice this week and of course ate some of the cookies and cupcakes when they were done. In addition, I sampled all three of the Mother’s Day desserts at our Mother’s Day celebration. Knowing that I was planning to have each dessert, maybe I should have had a smaller portion of each.

2. Getting More Sleep:  This one continues to be a challenge. I intended to go to bed early several nights this week. By the time I finished everything on my to do list, it was at least an hour after my planned bedtime! Even with all I know about the benefits of sleep, I am still working on finding some balance in this area.

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Though things started to feel like they were falling into place this week, the number on the scale has stayed the same. So far I have lost 3 pounds. In the past that may have bothered me. Now, I am focusing on different things. I feel stronger and have more energy and I know that I am forming healthier habits. The other things, like my weight and how clothing fits, will come as I continue to implement these changes and make them my new lifestyle. Reflecting on my journey so far for Fit by 40, Week 4 helps me see the progress I have made.

What were your successes and challenges this week? 

18 thoughts on “Fit by 40, Week 4 – New Routines”

  1. Thanks for this list! I totally agree about the drinking water, it’s always something I forget to do! Also, the sweets are a continuous challenge for me too 🙂

  2. Great job! I really like your observations. I need to make time for my workouts. I definitely suffer from “wait until it fits in” syndrome.

  3. I love this! I am closing in on 40 and would love to be in better shape by then. As each year passes, I realized that it gets harder and harder for me. This is great motivation for me to start making some changes.

  4. Awesome job! I’m definitely doing what I can to be more active and drink more water. I’m doing okayyy with eating healthy, but this time of year definitely makes me want more sweets like ice cream, so I really need to work on that. I’ve lost a lot of weight in the past year but it’s a bit stagnant right now so I need to get back on track!!


  5. Great job! I understand the struggle of trying to fit exercise in. I have been wanting to get in to a regular exercise routine for awhile now, but keep putting it off. I think that by setting goals it may help, so thank you for sharing your journey.

  6. Cutting out sweets is so hard! I’ve had to cut them out entirely except for a cheat dessert here and there. Great job with exercising and eating right!

  7. This was such an encouragement to me! I need to start getting “fit” and it makes so much sense to set a time-goal. So often it seems neverending and so I never start!!

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