Awaken (in me O Lord)

Oh, God, where are you? For I am in great need. Wherever you are, I cannot find you.  Please help. I am in great need. Of dreams, of horrors, of nightmares… This burden, it is too much to bear…

forgiveness is for you

How Do You Forgive Others?

At the time of this writing, it is just before Christmas. Christmas can be a wonderful and joyous time of year when we share gifts, kindness and appreciation towards our friends and family. It can also be a time of heart-ache, sorrow, sadness, despair and sometimes even worse.

release stress, anxiety and overwhelm

How to Let Go?

Recently, I was asked, how to let go? In this short article, I’ll share one of my favorite techniques called, “The Park Bench Method” or “Parked Car Method”. Before going into that, a little background info is in order. Letting go is easy. If you can let go of an …

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What is Meditation and Why is it a Good Idea?

Meditation often comes up as a fringe topic, sometimes it seems mystical and can even make individuals feel a little uncomfortable.  So, what is meditation and why is it beneficial to develop a personal meditation practice?  We’ll take a look together and find out.


What Color is the Sky in Your World?

What is more important to you, your happiness or fitting in? What’s more important to you, living a joyous life or conforming to social and societal norms?  It’s your life and it’s certainly your choice. And what you decide absolutely affects everything!