In Everything We Do, We Teach

We Teach In Everything We Do

In everything we do, we teach.

This is most often associated with children or professional instruction.

It rings true with absolutely everything. Teaching points are usually pleasant and uplifting. For fun, let’s consider an example of being on the receiving end of a rude comment or gesture, shall we?

When we allow something into our lives, such as acceptance of a rude statement or tone of voice, we are teaching the world what is acceptable and welcome in our lives.

In the same example, when we push back or address rudeness immediately along with compassion and gentleness, we are signaling to the world to offer us kindness and blessings.

Yes, this is subtle and yes, it really works.

The manner in which we respond is of the utmost importance. When we respond with patience and kindness then kindness seems to magically follow us around.

If we response with frustration, anger or our own dark version of rude, then this negative energy locks in place and sticks to us.

This is simply the way it works. I don’t make the rules. I’ve simply observed that when I’m an ass, donkeys follow me around and when I bless everyone and everything, kindness, peace, love, joy and blessings show up in my life in great abundance.

May the most joyful of life’s blessings flow into your life and follow you everywhere.

🙏 Namaste 🙏

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P.S. No donkeys were harmed in this example.

P.P.S. Any negative connotation towards donkeys is merely for the purpose of this example. No ‘actual’ negativity towards donkeys is either condoned or implied. Thank you. 😉

How are you teaching the world what is acceptable in your life?

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