I Love Reminders


I love reminders. I use them all the time. On my iPhone, paper notes, white boards, there are many ways in which I re-mind myself.

Why? 🤨

The mind is a useful tool or friend when used constructively. That is, when it enhances your life.

The mind can also become a powerful destructive force when left untended or unchecked.

Have you ever allowed your mind (either consciously or unconsciously) to bring up painful past events or uncontrolled anxiety over future events?

Sure. Most of us have been there.

It can be unbearable going through mental scenario after scenario until it spirals out of control leaving you all worked up over nothing that is actually happening right now.

Sometimes it’s best to simply switch off this functionality.


Meditation certainly helps. It allows us to detach from our current state and reach more subtle states of consciousness or reality.

Reminders help too!

When I want to switch off my mind about a certain “must do” or “to do” and allow myself to enjoy the present moment, I set a reminder.

Then at a predetermined time of my choosing, I turn my mind back on with a re-mind-er.

This simple tool has given me back countless nights and weekends. And meditation has given me so much more.

Namaste. 🙏

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What do you do to quiet your mind?

Do you set reminders or meditate?

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