The Legend of the Sopapilla

Why should you go with the flow?

Why do some things happen for us easily and effortlessly while others seem so frustratingly illusive?  How do some people simply float through life while others struggle mightily?  Why do some talents come so naturally while others remain unborn within ourselves?

We all have experience with these scenarios to one degree or another whether within ourselves or through observation of those around us.

The Legend of the Sopapilla offers its wisdom and guidance.

Recently, our immediate family, along with my mother, enjoyed a relaxed lunch experience at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. At the end of our meal, the kids wanted dessert, which could be ordered with their meal at a discounted price. I had hinted that I would also enjoy dessert, however, failed to definitively express this desire until our server had walked away after taking the order.

Both Keri and my mom expressed that they could get the server’s attention and put in an order for me. I respectfully declined and let them know that I was all set. (A little background is that, even though the restaurant was pretty much empty, the service had been extremely slow, due in-part to a large party adjacent to us. The fact was that we waited an exceptionally long time for our food as well as our dessert).

The topic came up a few additional times and my mom expressed that she felt bad and wanted to ensure that I knew I could order whatever I wanted (she was treating our family for lunch). I expressed that I understood and truly let go of the need to have dessert.

Now something interesting was going on within me. I had let go of the need to have dessert; meaning, it really didn’t bother me one way or another whether or not I had dessert. On the other hand, I still had a strong desire for dessert and specifically the Sopapilla, the same dessert as my kids.

At one point during the exceptionally long wait, Keri made eye contact with our server and she indicated that everything would be out in a couple minutes (coincidentally, the large table had just gotten their food, so our table’s order was likely next in queue). It only takes a couple of minutes to prepare sopapillas.

As our food arrived, our server apologized for the delay and informed us that the kitchen had made an additional sopapilla for some reason. Keri thanked her, took the additional dessert and handed it to me. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Why did this happen? Why does this sort of thing happen? How does it happen?

For some time, I have made lists of desires. My observations with these lists, break down into three categories: (1) what I am already enjoying or experiencing, (2) things that unfold or manifest quickly in my experience, and (3) things that are elusive and have not yet manifested into my experience.

Within my lists, I always include those things in my life that I am already enjoying so that I remind myself of what I have already created through my thoughts, words and actions. This also helps remind myself that I am very capable of creating desirable experiences.

In addition, I have also observed items on my list that would be great if I experienced them and would be absolutely fine if they never showed up in my life.  These items inevitably fall into the second category; they simply show up in my experience quickly and with very little effort.

The third category is the bane of my existence (lol). These items I desperately want. I want them really, really badly and at some level stake my future happiness based on whether or not these come into fruition. Ironically, these are the elusive ones that fail to manifest.

Why? The wisdom of the sopapilla.

When we really need to experience something or when we hold on to an idea so tightly that our emotions (especially happiness) are tied to the result or an outcome or an experience, this specific outcome or experience is either slow to manifest, manifests in an undesirable fashion or simply never comes to fruition.

The key or the insight is to change your energy around category (3) items and make them feel more like category (2). This is no small feat, yet is critical in allowing them into your experience.

The sopapilla was trivial, my life was the same, whole, with it or without it. I let it go, yet the desire to enjoy it remained. With that energy and mindset, it manifested quickly and easily in my experience.

When we learn to do that with the more “important” items or experiences, they too, manifest quickly and show up in our experience.

This is why some people seem to float through life while their desires seem to magically appear beneath their feet; while others seem to toil, often with little to show, in proportion to their hard work and efforts.

And that is the key. Make lists, identify desires, let go, go with the flow, be okay with whatever happens, be okay with the outcome, and more of what you desire will quickly and easily show up in your experience. Remember, you are the one who benefits most from this practice.


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When have you experienced a ‘sopapilla’ moment in your life?

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