16 thoughts on “It’s OK to Unplug from the Internet!”

  1. You totally made the right decision! It’s so hard when different parts of your life overlap and cause friction and guilt. I try to remember that making memories with the people you love is always the priority–even if it forces me to miss my goals once in a while. No one is paying as much attention as you are to what you get done or how far past the deadline you are, I’ve found!

  2. So good. And what a fun way to surprise your kids – that sounds like the kind of vacation they will always remember. I have such a hard time unplugging, but this is good encouragement!

  3. This is so good to think about. I have that mindset sometimes that I can do both. Unplugging can be difficult but so healthy and even feels good.

  4. Beautiful post and I think an important one as well. It is so important to disconnect with the internet every once in a while. I am glad you had a nice vacation with your family:)

  5. This year, I decided to turn off all notifications from my phone and it has helped tremendously. It means that every time I reach for my phone, there is an intention behind it and I’m being mindful about it. No more mindless scrolling!

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