You’re as Happy as You Think You Are

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Why is it that some people seem happy in almost any circumstance while others seem to complain no matter what? Why do some people see hardship as a devastating event and others look at hardship as an opportunity? Or, why do some people see winning something (like a new car) as a blessing while others only see the tax bill that comes with it?

It all comes back to the way you think.

I learned about the law of attraction a few years ago. The law of attraction states that what you focus on is what comes back to you. As I learned more about it, I began realizing that I already had many examples of it working in my life. I found both positive and negative examples.

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Getting the Law of Attraction to Work for You

Can happiness really be as simple as thinking happy thoughts? Yes… and no. Let me explain.

According to the law of attraction, the more positive thinking you do, the more positivity comes back to you. That is true; and on the surface it sounds fabulous! Positivity contributes greatly to overall happiness. However, there is more to lasting happiness than just having a positive outlook.

True happiness lies in being happy with yourself and your choices. It has to come from within. It is only when you feel comfortable with who you are and the choices you make that you will really be happy.

When people look to external sources for happiness, whether it be other people or material possessions, it is short lived and superficial. Using the law of attraction to get that new house, thinking that it will finally bring happiness, will only work short term. It is only after the excitement of the new house fades away that people realize true happiness might still be lacking.

1. Accepting Responsibility

Taking and accepting responsibility for whatever is happening in your life is another key component. You may be thinking, “What are you talking about?” I know because when I learned about the law of attraction I was cruising along, agreeing with everything I heard until I got to this. I had to grapple with the concept of accepting responsibility for everything in my life for months.

That meant accepting responsibility for the good, which I was completely happy to do, as well as some of the less desirable things going on in my life. At first, I completely disagreed that I was responsible for some of the negative aspects of my life.

One example I heard was that people who were in car accidents attracted that to themselves. I had been driving when I was involved in a car accident many moons ago. I completely disagreed that I had attracted that to myself. Who would ever want to do such a thing? The story of how I accepted it is too long and off topic, so I will share it in another post. The bottom line is that you have to accept responsibility for everything in your life. This includes both good and bad things.

2. Visualization

Practicing visualization techniques adds to the power of your positive thoughts. When visualizing, feel the things that you’re visualizing about as already being true. Those positive feelings you’re putting out into the universe come back to you. They help you to achieve whatever it is you’re visualizing about faster.

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3. Dealing with Difficult Times

Sometimes it is hard to be happy about some circumstances in life. What do you do then?

When something in life has you down, it is important to really feel those feelings and accept those feelings. It is only after feeling and accepting those feelings that they can be released. Once those feelings are felt fully and released, you can focus your energy back on what you are truly grateful for. Practicing true gratitude for what you do have in life is the fastest way back to happiness. At that point you can look forward to the future with positivity. It is important to acknowledge these moments, learn from them, and move on.

* If you’re having trouble with a difficult time, speaking to a trusted friend or professional could help.

4. Focus on your goals

Whether it be through the use of a vision board or a handwritten page in a notebook, focus on the goals that you would like to accomplish. The more positive energy you can put into those goals, the faster you will accomplish them.

While putting positive energy into focusing on your goals is important, it is only one step. It would be wonderful to sit back and visualize your goals a few times a day and then see them become your reality without additional effort. The truth is that you will also have to put in the work to accomplish your goals. For example, if you are visualizing your dream house, you will have to put in some effort to generate the income needed to buy that dream house. It is unlikely that the house will just materialize with your name on the property title (though it could happen)!

5. Be Open to the Possibilities

All that being said, it is also extremely important to allow yourself to be open to all possibilities. You may accomplish your goals in an unexpected way. Someone may give you money toward a house. You may win the lottery. Anything could happen that enables you to achieve your dreams. It is important to be open to all different methods of accomplishing your goals. When you focus on one specific avenue you are closing yourself off to the possibility of achieving your desires faster through another avenue. Stay open to all possibilities that present themselves.

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What are your tips for attracting happiness?

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  4. Such a great post. Thank you for sharing! It changed so much for me when actually started to change my life a bit and do what I really love (like my food blog ?).

  5. I have always been a believer that happiness is choice. You choose how to react to the situations in your life. The more you react positively, then the happier you will be. I am interested in reading more about the Law of Attraction – thank you for sharing!

  6. I’ve always been interested in the law of attraction and I read The Secret when I was 20 (almost twelve years ago). Still, I’m having trouble actually living it. So I need to focus on it more!

  7. Very interesting read! I’ve just began delving into the word of manifesting happiness and visualization and such. Do you have any good books on the topic you’d recommend?

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