The Best Reason to Take a Vacation!

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Best Reason to Take a Vacation

Who likes to take vacations? I think it’s fair to say almost everyone. Reasons for taking a vacation range from visiting loved ones, to relaxation, to exploring the world and more. With so many different ways to vacation, you may expect the variety of benefits to vary as much as the vacations themselves. However, there is one benefit that rings true across all types of vacations: the joy of anticipation.  

The Biggest Benefit of Vacationing

It turns out that planning a vacation brings serious joy to your life. Anticipating an upcoming vacation is half the fun (or more)! Plus, a lack of planning can actually cause stress when you’re on vacation. Advanced planning offers the additional benefits of being less stressed and having a better time when you’re actually on vacation!

Delaying gratification of any kind has been proven to increase happiness. The same is true for vacationers. People who plan a trip at least a month ahead of time reap the benefits of looking forward to their trip. Checking out maps of the area, selecting local attractions to visit, planning meals, etc. all contribute to building excitement.

Another consideration is that purchasing an experience, such as a vacation, often leads to greater feelings of happiness than buying material goods. The high that comes along with material purchases fades quickly. Memories last a lifetime.

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How to Maximize Your Vacation Joy

  1. Read blogs and books about your destination. You’re gaining additional information about your vacationing options. Less researching needs to be done while on vacation when you already know your options. This gives you more time to relax and enjoy. I love to tell my husband all of the interesting facts I learn before each vacation!
  2. Also read book and blogs to building anticipation for your trip. Visualizing certain aspects of upcoming vacations when in line at the grocery store, while brushing teeth, etc. amps up the excitement. So does browsing Pinterest looking for articles about your destination. I like creating a Pinterest board for vacations and saving the articles I really enjoy for reference. 
  3. Talk about your upcoming trip with others. Share something you recently learned about the destination or a vacation tradition you’re looking forward to continuing. Those who have been to that vacation spot previously may have some great tips that they’re willing to share. My husband Nick and I went to an amazing show while on our honeymoon because of a coworker’s suggestion. It was one of the highlights of our trip!
  4. Take several smaller vacations each year rather than one long vacation. When vacations are spread out during the year you gain the benefits of anticipation multiple times. Being a planner, I have been known to book our annual vacation for the next year before we even check out of our current vacation!
  5. Consider planning vacations yourself, or at least playing a part in the process. Those using a travel agent could ask for recommendations and then share them with other members of their travel party. They can then let the travel agent know what options they’d like booked. Couples vacationing together could share thoughts on excursions they would like to try or restaurants where they may make reservations. Families could also share ideas about details of the trip. We like to have each person in our family pick at least one ‘must do’ for each vacation. It helps each of us get excited for the upcoming trip and helps us plan our vacation time well. That way everyone gets something specifically for them!
  6. Tie up loose ends at home. Have your mail held, finish up any projects that need to be completed. Knowing that everything at home is taken care of allows you to relax and be in the moment. It often means there is less to do when you get home, allowing you to bask in the post vacation glow a little longer.
  7. Clean the house before leaving. It is a wonderful and uplifting experience to come home from a trip to a nice clean home. It extends the vacation relaxation just a little bit longer!

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So what are you waiting for? Start planning now, even if your vacation is a year or more away. That just gives you more time to anticipate the fun you’ll have!

Where would you like to vacation next? Why?

24 thoughts on “The Best Reason to Take a Vacation!”

  1. I have been trying to convince my husband that it is time for a vacation for the past few weeks! These ideas will help prove my point. Nothing can top the joy that comes from a nice vacation whether the focus is to relax or be adventurous!

  2. These are some great trips. I have never looked at blogs about my vacation and I don’t know why. I will be for our next one! I love having out house clean before we leave. So much more relaxing to come back home to!

  3. I found great tips in Rome from others who have been before. Same with Hawaii. I would never have found a small fish shop on Maui without someone suggesting it.

  4. My mom, who is now passed, always savored the anticipation of going a trip or vacation. She would start planning outfits weeks before. The itinerary was probably planned months before. Menus as well. I remember her telling my Dad to please not ever surprise her with a trip because she loves planning it so much. I take after my Mom. 🙂

  5. This is making me want to plan a vacation right now!! I love the vacation mindset, and Melody Wilding actually wrote a piece on how to keep the vacation mindset all year long, which helps reduce overall stress. Great tips.

  6. I love planning out things to do on vacation. It really is half the fun. Right now I know I’m going to New York City in November, but I don’t have too much planned at the moment. I’ve been before, but there are still lots of things I’d like to do for the first time.


  7. It’s so true! The planning stage is the best! I love doing research, planning what to do, and thinking up all kinds of grand adventures!

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