Expect Something Amazing

Expect something amazing in your day.

Recently I was told that I seem to wake up each day with a certain radiance and a smile to start the day. And as a general rule, it’s true. This conversation made me wonder, “Why is that?”

When I really examined this for myself I realized that it has a lot to do with expectation. It is my expectation that every day, something amazing will happen. Often times I am excited to see what the amazing thing will be each day. I don’t look for it; it is not really even a conscious thought. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I just know it will happen.

How can something amazing happen to me each and every day? Well, that depends a lot on your idea of amazing. To me it is something I feel deep gratitude for. That covers a lot of areas.

A Few Examples

It can be something simple, like sharing nachos and a movie with my fabulous husband once the kids go to bed. We do that every Monday night. I consider it amazing every single time because I am blessed with a husband that surpasses my expectations (when I dreamed of having a husband in my younger years) and I get to eat one of my most favorite foods.

Sometimes, the amazing thing is that I have a moment of sincere friendship with someone when I was not expecting it. Or it is the expression of deep love from a child. Last week, I received unexpected gift cards on two separate occasions.

My amazing things run the gamut from simple and expected to grander and unexpected things happening. But something amazing really does happen to me every day.

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Have Fun!

Expectation is a wonderful thing as long as it is done without any attachment or need to receive something specific. Just let go and have fun with it.

That’s not to say bad days don’t happen. They do. That’s when I have to consciously go and look for the amazing thing in my day. On rare occasions, I have to create the amazing thing. (Here’s looking at you, bonus nacho night!)

As I get out of bed each day, I have a confidence and an expectation that the day holds something worth getting out of bed for. And that confidence is everything I need to start each day with a smile.

What amazing thing has happened to you recently?

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