Emotional Patterns

Our patterns govern our lives.

Our patterns control us.

We get up, go to work, get home, eat supper, go to bed

Next day, repeat.

Next situation, repeat.

How many times has a similar situation set you off

Stuck in traffic…

A certain family member says a certain thing…

A certain co-worker acts in a certain way…

Something you hear on television or social media..

The government…

It could be anything.

Does this sound familiar?

Is there a way to break free?



Observe everything.

Observe everything with detachment.

With childlike curiosity observing your thoughts and emotions.

With the innocence of a movie goer just there for the show.

This is freedom.

This is relief.

This is joy.

“Wow! That’s an upsetting emotion.”

“Wow! I seem happy about this.”

“Wow! This makes my body tight, angry and frustrated”

The movie goes on and on

Observe yourself

Observe your thoughts, your words, your feelings

Just allow them and let them be

Be detached from them

Be detached from identifying yourself with your feelings

This is freedom.

This is joy.

This is the peace of God.

Namaste 🙏

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What patterns have you observed in your life?

How have they affected you?

Leave a comment so that we can all benefit.

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