Give the Gift of Acceptance

Give the gift of acceptance to yourself and others.


Do other people frustrate you?  Family members, co-workers, random strangers perhaps?  Do you ever think a person should do this or should not have said that?  How much frustration is there in your life or in the lives of those closest to you simply because things “should” or “should not” be different?

Give those around you the gift of acceptance.  Acceptance is a wonderful gift that blesses all who are involved.  Relationships improve.  Communication strengthens.  Peace enters.  All of this happens with very little effort.

Things are as they are.  People around us act as they act.  Everyone does everything with their very best intention given their view of the world.

When we allow others to simply be as they are and love them for it, we are given this wonderful gift of love in return.

What is Acceptance?

So, what is acceptance?  True acceptance is allowing other people and situations, to be as they are, in fact, loving others and situations as they are regardless of any choices made or tangible results (seemingly positive or negative).

When life events occur, chances are there may be some negative emotions, frustrations or energy.  If this is the case, then acceptance has not yet been reached.

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A Path to Acceptance

So, how does one get to the point of acceptance?  Forgiveness.  Forgiveness of all who are involved.  Forgiveness of others.  Forgiveness of self.  Forgiveness of choices, of the situation, of anything and everything that holds any negative energy.

I forgive you.  I love you.  I love you and I forgive you.  I love you and I forgive myself.  Over and over again until there is nothing left.  The bucket is empty.  This may happen when you least expect it – nothing.  There is nothing left.  All negativity has gone and the situation simply is as it is.  Finally – acceptance.

Now here’s the fun part.  When forgiveness is practiced over and over again in myriad of situations and events something wonderful happens.  Patterns change.  Things, situations, people and events that previously caused negativity, frustration, upset, etc., now no longer have any negative impact whatsoever.  Acceptance has been reached and all who are involved are blessed with this gift.

God bless.

What are your tips for accepting people and situations as they are?

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4 thoughts on “Give the Gift of Acceptance”

  1. Very well done on what is acceptance and how to forgive. There are many things I have accepted in my life. Have I liked all of them, no I haven’t. Am I worse off no I am not.

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