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Awaken Happiness Within.  What does that even mean?

My wife, Keri, is the happiest person that I know.  She is naturally happy.  When something happens that would drive the bulk of the modern world crazy she just wriggles it off like a duck shaking off water.

For some of us with heartier backgrounds, it’s weird.  At the very least it can take some getting used to.  She is the quintessential, “everything always works out.”  And the funny thing is, that is exactly the way it happens with her.

For years I was left with a simple paradox.  On one hand, I admired this quality in her.  On the other hand, it drove me completely crazy.  She would tell me, “Happiness is a choice.”  (Sometimes in moments that would be best reserved for silence).  Even so, she always did it in the most loving and innocent way.

So finally, after years of this, I decided to figure out if it was possible to actually live one’s life this way: real deal, happiness.

Well as it turns out, it is.  Happiness is a choice.

For some, this comes naturally and easily.  For me, I had to figure it out and develop discipline over several years in order to attain consistent happiness. (And it was worth it! I am happier than ever.)  Keri was the first to teach me that happiness is a choice.  For years, literally, I thought it was fluff.  Then after knowing her for so long, I came to understand that she truly meant every word.

The wonderful news is this: true happiness is available to anyone who is willing to be open and honest with themselves and willing to put forth consistent effort.

This website was created specifically to communicate this message.

Happiness is a choice.  It is simply being conscious of every: thought, word, deed (action) and feeling.  As much as possible, moment by moment, all day, each and every day.  Align with the thoughts and feelings that bring love and happiness to all who are affected (especially yourself); let go of all others.  Easier said than done, perhaps…

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So, what is being conscious, or what is consciousness for that matter?  How is happiness actually chosen?  How can this be done happily and easily?  Stay with us for a while.  All of these topics and much more are why we are here at

God Bless.

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28 thoughts on “Awaken Happiness Within – Happiness is a Choice”

  1. I love your post Nick. Such good advice. It’s so easy to be negative in these times that we live in. Positive changes take time but are worth the effort.
    Thank you for sharing.

    God Bless

  2. This is really powerful and so true. Thank you. I needed this today to remind me that life is good. It’s easy to focus on the hard bits sometimes like the struggles but instead I will focus on the achievements! X

  3. I really enjoyed this post! I think many people chase happiness as if it’s just something fleeting, but I totally agree that it is a daily choice, and I have a similar aim for this through my own blog. Hope you have an awesome week! 🙂

  4. I love that this is what your site is all about! It’s a great back story. I think I have a mind a lot like Keri! If something doesn’t go as planned, I never really stress about it. Instead of worrying about the change I try to embrace it. I am the only person in my family who doesn’t have a problem with anxiety. Happiness really is a choice. Your mood is a result of how you look at a particular situation. You can choose to let it stress you out or you can find a way to turn it upside down!

  5. I love hearing this from your perspective of happiness and your wife and how she impacted you. I completely agree that it’s a choice and I love this post and the whole theme of your site!

  6. I love that this is what your site is all about! I think I have a mind similar to Keri’s! I am generally a pretty positive person. When something goes wrong in life or maybe just not as planned, I usually just go with the flow. I’ve gone through a lot of tough situations and I’ve come out of them realizing that everything happens for a reason and just like you said, happiness is a choice. Now that I’ve realized both of those things, I am the happiest I’ve ever been!

  7. I say this often to those around me. I have a strong history of mental health issues in my famiy (depression) and the one thing I have come to learn in my near 40 years on this planet, is that we have to start our days with choosing to see the best of things around us.

  8. Happiness is very much a choice. So many people choose to be negative all the time. Don’t have time for any of that. I choose happiness.

  9. I have always said that happiness is a choice, and you make that choice the second you open your eyes in the morning. You have complete control over your reactions to whatever life brings you. I thoroughly enjoyed this post!

  10. I’m going to write this down: “true happiness is available to anyone who is willing to be open and honest with themselves and willing to put forth consistent effort”. Thank you ♥

  11. I love your sentiment here! I have been trying to be more mindful, to live in the present, to savor the positive moments a bit more with my kids, and to practice gratitude. It’s amazing how much my outlook on every aspect of my life changes when I consciously take time for this! I’ll keep tuning in for sure. Much love to you!

    Ashley @ Look for Little Helpers

    1. Ashley, you made me smile! Practicing gratitude and being mindful are things I am still working on too. It has gotten easier with practice.

      I’m so glad you’ll continue to visit! Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see on Awaken Happiness Within.

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