An Ode to My Chair


The simplest things in life can offer us the most subtle wisdom if we allow them a moment of our attention.

Today, I’d like to share with you, my appreciation for my chair.

You were gifted to me by a very dear friend whose love and friendship is expressed through you as a symbol.

We have been together through wonderful times as well as the deepest darkness imaginable.

In your arms I have written many a love letter to my beautiful wife Keri.

You have also held me while I sobbed in search of memories of my father.

There have been times of anxiety over household matters and times of joyous laughter.

Some of our greatest achievements together have been in the profound silence of meditation.

For you and our experiences together, I am truly grateful.

And although you have always been a rock to me, sometimes, I feel I am only an ass to you.

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What do you appreciate in your life?

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