Your Power of Choice

Powerful Conscious Choices

Life happens.  That’s a fact.  You cannot control what someone says to you, how they say it or why they say it.  It’s true.  Trust me.  I tried for years and it is a fruitless endeavor. You can, however, choose your response, your reaction to life and how you feel.  That subtle difference can be the fine margin between years of joy or years of turmoil.  It’s your choice; and being honest, there may not be a greater one.

Nothing in this world is more important than your own joy.  You may think, “What about others?  What about those whom I love: my friends and family?”  Consider this, in response: is it possible to give what you do not have?  Is it possible to feed the hungry or give water to the thirsty if there is not already enough supply in place to give?  You simply cannot give food to others if you, yourself are starving.

Your joy and your happiness work in the same manner and from this wellspring everything else is drawn.

How?  Why?

Great questions, yet powerless.  If you fall from a tree, gravity will ensure that you hit the ground.  Period.  There are certain infallible laws that exist which govern the Universe.  Intimate knowledge of how they work or why is not important.  Knowing that they exist is what matters and being able to use them is of tremendous use and importance.

Does a person need to know the inner workings of an internal combustion engine in order to drive their car to the grocery store?  Nope.

Your gift, your grace, is your power of choice.  You get to decide.  You are blessed with the ability to choose.  What do you give your attention to? What do you choose to focus upon or withdraw your attention from?

Is it a conscious choice?  Do you utilize this power intentionally or do you relinquish this blessing and blindly follow advertisements, social media, television programming, the news or others in general?

Your Power of Choice makes all the difference.  Use it wisely.

When you make choices, powerfully and intentionally, then gently let go of the well intended opinions of others, doors open in your world magically and a realm of new possibilities awaits. You are the one who benefits from this.  It is your gift and your blessing.  You reap the rewards.  And by default, when you are uplifted, everyone whom your life touches is also uplifted.

When you are joyous, wealthy and happy, you cannot help but share these blessings with those around you.  That is why smiles are contagious.  Try it out.  Smile more.  Smile intentionally at people.  Sure, some may not notice, some may ignore, yet many will smile back and all of your days will become a bit brighter without effort.  Lighting a candle from another takes nothing from the original candle yet brightens the second from darkness.

Your Powerful Conscious Choices brighten your world and can offer you peace, love and joy from this second forward.


How will you use the power of choice to bring you more joy?

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