Be Like Water

Be Like Water, Wisdom

Be like water.

Water is consistent.  It easily flows with situations and circumstances.

Water is wise.  It comprises the majority of our bodies as well as the Earth yet does not boast.

Water is humble.  It can be directed and simply goes with the flow.

Water is patient.  Even though it can be channeled and directed, it wears down even the most rigid surfaces over time.

Water is soothing.  It’s gentle sound helps quiet a turbulent mind and promotes relaxation.

Water is refreshing.  It provides a means for bathing and quenches Life’s thirst.

Water is life affirming.  It sustains individual bodies, species and ecosystems alike.

We can all benefit from these qualities when we learn to be like water and joyously apply this wisdom.

Namaste 🙏 

What does water mean to you?

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