Find Deeper Meaning

Feed the Birds

In times like these, it is beneficial to seek a deeper meaning. It is fairly well known that our family loves Disney. One of the many reasons why we love Disney is that so many of Disney’s themes have an underlying tone of compassion and love.

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A Family Tradition – Pizza and Movie Night

Why Create A Family Tradition? Family traditions are really important. They are predictable. Predictability helps children feel safe and secure. They give everyone something to look forward to and strengthen the bond among family members. Traditions also provide lasting memories. Our Family Tradition We have a family tradition of Friday

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Is Date Night Really That Important?

  In a word, yes. Date night is important, even when (or especially when) you’re married. Eligible Magazine’s article 11 Reasons Date Night is Critical Even if You’re Hitched suggests making time for weekly date nights. All relationships need nurturing. This goes for couples with or without children. Spending time together on

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