Control Yourself

Self-Control. Ah, self-control.

You can control your reactions.

Very little shows up in your life, in which you can predict beforehand.

Cars swerve. People make comments. Loved ones may appear insensitive or disrespectful. The world can seem cruel or harsh or unfair.None of this is within your control.

None of this, can you control, ever. These situations show up in our lives of their own accord and for their own reasons.


This is a great mystery.

Attempting to figure out or guess why may led us in a downward spiral of anger, frustration or even despair.

It is a dark and fruitless venture.

Attempting to control the world around us is as senseless as trying to stop the tide from coming in. Yet this is what we do so very often.

I know this well. I tried this for so much of my life.

There is, fortunately, a simpler way.

Control yourself. Control your reactions. This takes practice, patience and a willingness to be honest with yourself.

It also takes much perseverance as time and time again we will be presented with failure. We will fail to control ourselves and simply react in ways that may cause regret.

This is good. It leads to humility.

And when we humbly brush ourselves off and try yet again, we are rewarded with great satisfaction.

The outside world may never know the depths of which our minds have endured.

Yet victory is humility’s gift, when a smile appears in a situation that has previously brought tears.

Humbly yours ~ Nick


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Are there any areas of life where you would like to have greater self control?

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