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The purpose of Awaken Happiness Within is to massively increase the level of consciousness on this planet both individually and collectively by guiding people to discover inner happiness and understand who they really are.  We use the butterfly as a symbol to acknowledge the transformation that accompanies this journey.  Although some may think that this journey is arduous or painful, the butterfly reminds us that when the caterpillar is ready and has properly prepared itself, only a restful intention is required for it to awaken into is beauty and fly away.

My Personal Journey of Self-Discovery

I was afraid once.  This fear froze me.  I felt that I needed to conform to how my family and the world at large expected me to live.  I felt trapped.  I felt constricted.  I was upset.  I would overreact.  So many daily interactions would trigger me and I would lash out in anger and frustration.  It caused those around me to question who could be around me and whether or not I had any friends.  I went through bouts of depression and considered taking my own life. 

From a distance, my life seemed okay.  I played the part.  I had a good job.  I was respectful to my friends and co-workers.  On a deeper level, I was distraught at times.  On this deeper level I was drowning and desperate for change.  I needed something.  I was searching.  I was always searching.

Keri and I met in college.  She has always been an inspiration.  Everything comes easy and effortlessly to her.  I used to ask her, “What color is the sky in your world?”  She would simply float through life and everything always just worked out in her favor.

We got married and started a family.  Life was wonderful and yet I still felt pulled down and constricted.  I believed there was more to life.  I never felt truly happy.  I would get agitated over the most trivial household nuances.  I would attempt to control every aspect of my life and be frustrated (either outwardly or even more severely internally) if something went in the ‘wrong’ direction.  I considered leaving, running away or ending my life.

Finally, and fortunately, I began to question myself.  I began to question my own beliefs.  I began to ask myself if what I had been doing for so long was working, then why wasn’t I happy? 

At this point, I decided to take action.  I decided that enough was enough.  I decided to figure out a way to allow happiness into my life.  I decided to make some adjustments in my life. 

I began to bring light to the deepest and darkest parts of my being. 

I had always been searching and reading and looking for anything that could answer this burning desire to find that something which I was unable to describe.  I was determined to create for myself the happiness that I desired.  Then it happened.  I had pieced together various bits of wisdom from multiple sources and began using it in my life in a very structured way, while holding Keri as my vision and guiding light.

Then the magic happened; I discovered for myself a way for consistent, lasting happiness and in the process significantly increased my level of consciousness and discovered who I really am. 

At this point, I realized my purpose.  My purpose is to share this information and guide others on their own personal journey to enjoy the life that they desire.

Your Personal Journey

Where are you in your personal journey?  Can you relate to any of this?  Do you enjoy a life filled with peace, love and joy or do you vacillate among various emotions and strive for consistency?

Do you have goals?  What are they?  How will you accomplish them? Who are your partners on your journey?

Wherever you are in your journey, knowing that right now is the perfect place for you to be, is a wonderful start.  Once you acknowledge and accept who you are, right now, you can stay the course or make adjustments to achieve anything that you desire.  Acknowledging and accepting the present moment is the first step.  Additional steps will come when you are ready and focus your attention, intention and desire.

Our Vision

Our vision is to awaken happiness within and inspire self love with over 3 million people so that everyone can live their best life, filled with peace, love and joy, now.  Love yourself then love the world.

This vision for a great big beautiful tomorrow is to massively increase the consciousness on the planet and connect with millions of people so that everyone knows and understands:

  • who they really are
  • happiness is a personal choice made moment by moment over and over again, perpetually, in the eternal moment of now, forever
  • happiness is an inside job, first and foremost, and when we take care of our inner self, the outer world follows naturally
  • we are all connected and all problems can be solved peacefully, lovingly and with compassion
  • we can all live our best life, now.

A Personal Invitation for You

Whether we are naturally happy or we have to make some adjustments in our lives, each and every one of us can enjoy happiness, laughter, peace, love and joy.  And once we have that, we can accomplish any other goal that our hearts desire including: perfect health, financial freedom and fulfilling service (whether it is individual work, entrepreneurship or service to the community).

We invite you to share our vision and be on this journey with us and our community.  Join our Facebook group: Awaken Happiness Within, sign-up for our email list, be part of this growing community and help share this message with the world.  Awaken Happiness Within.  Inspire Self Love.  Love yourself, then love the world. 

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    1. Outward appearances often mask our inner turmoil. If Frank is up for it, I would love to talk with him.

      1. I’m up for it, though I suspect it’ll be a long chat! Looking forward to seeing all the good work you’ll be doing!

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