Meditation + Observation


When I remember the days of the inner torment…

When reactions to Life controlled me…

How I felt so alone. How I felt so isolated and frustrated even though I was surrounded by my loving family.

Now it is different.

Now when these feelings bubble up to the surface, I smile. I laugh a little bit and watch.

Why? What is the difference.

Meditation + Observation.

Detachment. Being able to step back and observe my life. Just watch it.

Knowing that emotions are like the tide and will go back out as surely as they came in.

Enjoying the view from behind my own mind’s eye.

Today is different.

Today I AM free. Today I look forward to laughing a little bit more even if I happen to cry.

Knowing. Silently knowing that this is a Divine symphony and we are here to dance together for yet a bit longer.

Namaste 🙏

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How does meditation and observation help you?

How do you experience freedom in your life?

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