Managing Anger and other Negative Emotions

How can you manage anger and other negative emotions?

Over the weekend, I found myself very angry.

Outwardly, I was my normal self. Inwardly, I was struggling. Everything seemed to bother me.

Luckily, I recognized this and proactively communicated to Keri about my current state of mind.

Very little helped me in this state. Everything seemed to set me off and I was in an inner state of turmoil.

And in this state, I found myself blessed.

These emotions provide us insight. These emotions provide us clues on how we feel about situations, events and life in general.

In a moment, I was transformed.

Sure, I was still upset. It was different though. I now recognized that I wanted something different.

I honored that choice and the associated feelings.

We get to want what we want. We are allowed to want what we want.

When we suppress those feelings, we encounter resistance and that resistance can easily turn into what we call negative emotions.

In truth, there is no such thing as positive or negative. We name and give everything its meaning.

These so-called negative emotions exist to provide us with feedback.

When we honor this feedback, we can then make a conscious choice to do something different.

We can take action. This may be in a form of thinking different thoughts, choosing different words or taking physical action.

In any case, the decision is ours alone.

We have the choice to spiral out of control, or let go of control and consciously choose our next step.

In my particular case, I choose to spend some time in silence. I took a shower and spent time in meditation.

I honored my negative emotions and thanked them for the feedback.

Since the weekend, I have been taking positive steps in a new direction that is in alignment with my emotions and the feedback that my body is giving me.

This post is an example. I have felt it necessary to write something on the topic of negative emotions for a very long time and have failed to honor those feelings.

That is clearly no longer the case and I feel at peace in all regards.


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What are your tips for managing anger and other negative emotions?

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