Overwhelm and a Simple Effective Remedy

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Being overwhelmed can easily cause a downward spiral. It can lead to crushing feelings that feel confining and make your life feel unbearable. It may even spill over and affect those closest to you, whom you love the most.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution: stop doing so much stuff and stop telling yourself that you have so much to do!

There are times in our lives when legitimate family emergencies occur: a loved one is rushed to the hospital, a death of a loved one occurs, and so on.

Everything stops. Your entire life stops.

You focus on the matter at hand.

Days or even weeks pass by.

The situation that requires your attention is given your full attention.

And what happens to all that “stuff” that you have to do?


Everything is fine.

Everything is waiting for you, right where you left it.

Sure there may be one or two exceptions.  They are just that: exceptions.

All that “stuff” that you were telling yourself that needed to get done is fine.  It’s still there, waiting patiently.

So start telling yourself a new story.

Begin putting yourself first and allow your own well-being first priority in your life.

Everything else can wait.

You’ll be okay.

Your family will be okay.

The world will be okay.

And from that place of peaceful resilience, go forth and selectively choose what deserves your attention.

Intentionally choose what to bless your attention with.

This single gift to yourself can provide you with the relief that you desire.

And when that sense of relief fills your being, you can go forth and accomplish anything that you truly desire in your life.

I wish you peace beyond all understanding.


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How do you remedy overwhelm in your life?

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