Kindness is the Key

Key to Happiness

Kindness is the key. Gentleness to yourself, your family, your situation and the world.

Upset arises first through inner conflict. It is a friction between what IS and what you are telling yourself what SHOULD BE.

This conflict when stilled in silence with kindness and gentleness may sometimes bubble to the surface and cause discomfort. Yet, it will quiet and subside when kindness and gentleness are held with steadfast consistency.

If left unchecked, however, these seeds of unrest blossom into inner turmoil. This unrest leads to anger, frustration and other forms of upset.

If you are able to notice these instances, they always start internally. There is always internal unrest before it manifests itself outwardly. One always has inner conflict before they express it outwardly.

Search within yourself and uncover this Truth.

Once this is known and experienced firsthand, it can be addressed.

There is only one who can address it: you.

There is only location to address it: inside yourself.

Kindness is the key. Gentleness is the shield. Kindness and gentleness to yourself and your world remove all inner friction and hostility.

Once this inner peace is found, the outside world takes care of itself, almost magically.

You hold the key to your own happiness.

Namaste. 🙏

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P.S. How does this connect with you in your life?

Have you experienced this or something similar? What works best for you?

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