Enlightenment Can Be a Kick in the Nuts

Enlightenment Experiences

– Outer pain

– Inner Pure Joy

Let’s set the stage: you’re a 40 year old male with a great physique (well, chances are this doesn’t match you exactly – so just bear with me and play along. 😉)

You’re in the backyard, running around and playing a family soccer game. You’re having so much fun. Kids are laughing, you’re sweating a bit and the ball is going all over the yard. Everything is perfect.



A soccer ball strikes you with tremendous force in the aforementioned unmentionables.

You go down immediately – before the ball bounces off you (or so it seems).


Your face is on the ground and you can hardly breathe.

Immense pain grips you. No words come out of your mouth even though you desperately want to answer the cries of, “Are you all right?”.

Your kids stand frozen.

Your wife runs over to check on you.

A very bizarre situation unfolds that only you are privy to witness.


Pure Joy. Bliss even.

A paradox. The outer self is experiencing immense pain. It is real and believe me, it hurts.

At this exact same time, an inner sense of pure joy comes into your being from the very center of you.

It becomes difficult to keep the laughter inside. The joy is intense.

The pain is also intense.

Both are real.

Both are being experienced in large quantities at the exact same time.

You keep your face in the ground as not to confuse your children. Your wife lets them know that everything is okay.

The atmosphere relaxes around you.

The inner joy and the outer pain continues.

Everything continues while the world stands still.

After some “time”, both sensations fade and melt back within you.The experience has come to a close.


Satori – sudden enlightenment and a state of consciousness attained by intuitive illumination (thanks merriam-webster).

I am fortunate. I have been blessed with several satori moments. This experience that I have relayed here is my most recent and most bizarre.

I offer it here for two reasons

1. I find it interesting

2. I am sincerely interested in learning of your experiences.

Have you ever experienced satori?

Namaste 🙏

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Comment below – what is your satori or similar experience? What are your thoughts on mine?

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