Are You Spending Your Time or Investing It?

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What we put our attention on grows in our lives. When we choose to focus our lives on all that is good, just and lovely, these qualities multiply in our lives.

Lately, we’ve been enjoying an abundance of family time.  We have been playing games and reading books. (We just finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.)

This family time has been wonderful and it has also prompted a pause and reflection of other activities.

Keri and I are growing Awaken Happiness Within and usually work together for a couple of hours each night.

With all of our recent family activities, we have been too tired to focus on business after putting the kids to bed.

I was beginning to question whether or not this was the correct course of action until very recently.

As we finished the book tonight, the kids were ecstatic.  They were thrilled that we read for hours over the last few nights in order to finish the book.  They thanked us over and over again with bright smiles that showered us with unconditional love.

That is when it became clear to me.

Where we choose to focus our attention now, will, at some point, return to us in greater form in the future.

So often we spend our time watching TV or scrolling through Facebook unconsciously.  These unconscious moments are sure to gather steam and return to us in greater force.

Yet we often wonder why certain personal goals are left unattained.

Keri and I desire strong family ties and loving relationships that will endure life’s trials, especially as our children grow and mature.

By investing our time in our relationships with our children, we are positioning ourselves to enjoy a favorable return on that investment.  We are confident that our attention is invested wisely in this regard and often witness positive results.

On a recent trip to Disney World, we asked our kids what was their favorite part. “Family time” was a common answer and paralleled parades, fireworks and even thrilling rides.

This illustration is only one example.  There is an abundance of opportunities all around us.

As you turn and look inwardly on this subject, ask yourself:

Where are you spending your time?

Are you spending your time or are you investing it?

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