What Color is the Sky in Your World?


What is more important to you, your happiness or fitting in? What’s more important to you, living a joyous life or conforming to social and societal norms?  It’s your life and it’s certainly your choice. And what you decide absolutely affects everything!

My beautiful wife Keri, has this magical effect of everything always working out for her (seriously, and yes, it can be annoying from time to time 😂). It has simply always been this way. When we met in college, I would ask her, “what color is the Sky in your world?” She was unlike anyone I had ever met and simply lived her life the way she wanted and blissfully floated through life declaring circumstances into being.

My background is quite a bit different, more of a grind and more of a “you should…” fill in the blank. It has taken me a couple of decades to learn the behaviors of my blissful bride and the results are breathtaking.

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The reality is that no one really cares. Let that sink in. Most people are simply caught up in their own lives and what’s most important to them (they are simply thinking of themselves, not you 😉).  That’s absolutely fine and when we learn to put ourselves first in a loving, kind and gentle way, our lives magically unfold.

How is this possible? Simple, use your imagination and allow everything to take care of itself on its own. Imagine your life exactly as you would like it and remove your attention from those things that present themselves as problems. This is imperative and must be applied to yourself as well as life situations and especially others (yep, easier said than done).

Yet, when we learn and apply this practice, our lives unfold beautifully, magically and our deepest wishes become our everyday reality.  Want proof? Try it out for yourself, practice for 30 days and let us know your results. Maintain a journal and enjoy. Then tell us, what color is the sky in your world? Keri’s is pink.

Namaste 🙏

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