5 Reasons to Surround Yourself With Happy People

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Think about the people surrounding you on a daily basis. How would you describe them? How do you feel when you’re around them? I know that when I am around happy people I tend to naturally feel happier. Unhappy or upset people can sometimes bring me down too. Scientific research has even proven that emotions can be contagious! (Take that, yawning!)

  1. Emotions are contagious. Have you ever walked into a room where someone was expressing negative emotion and walked out later feeling a little down too? It has happened to me on several occasions. The opposite is also true: I have felt sad and turned my mood around just by being around people who made me laugh. I know that when I am around happy people, it is difficult to be anything other than happy. Think about it. When someone is smiling at you, your natural inclination is to smile back.
  2. Happy people are encouraging and uplifting. They often see positive characteristics in you that you may have overlooked. When you are feeling down, they may help you feel better. For example they may point out your generosity or your ability to make people feel comfortable in any situation. Once you start feeling better about yourself your whole mood shifts. I also find myself frequently laughing in the presence of happier people. There is something about the joy in their spirit that brings about laughter.
  3. Happy people are generally positive. I can always use more positivity in my life. How about you? I find that happy people are able to help me find positivity in any negative situation I may be dealing with. Their positive outlook helps me to recenter and look at the problem in a new light. Problems are often an opportunity in disguise. For example, when you have a flat tire they tell you that it was God’s way of keeping you out of an accident. Suddenly that flat tire is looking pretty good! Having someone point out the positive can help you see the brighter side of things as well. I become more positive about whatever is bothering me.
  4. You attract what you focus on. It is easier to attract happiness in your own life when you focus on being happy. Did you know that surrounding yourself with happy people also attracts happiness into your life? Being around happy people and becoming aware of what brings them joy can help you enter the same mindset.
  5. Happiness is good for you. Happy people typically have healthier immune systems. This means we are more likely to stay healthy in their company. In addition, happy people are generally more creative. This is helpful when looking for the solution to a problem. Through normal conversations with happy friends I sometimes come across creative solutions to ‘problems’ I was unaware that I had.

The above reasons make it clear: surround yourself with happy people to boost your own happiness!

How do happy people inspire you?

14 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Surround Yourself With Happy People”

  1. I try my hardest to be happy and energetic when my husband gets home from work, so that it sets the tone for the evening. If the first thing I do is complain about children’s behaviors, then I can guarantee that he will be follow my lead (contagion). I totally agree that you attract what you focus on! I am always looking to make new friends that I want to be more like (since they will be rubbing off on me anyway!)

  2. Yesss! This is all so true! I’m all about getting rid of the negative energy in my life and focusing on focusing on those who bring happiness and positively to your life!

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more, “you truly attract what you focus on”. I believe that energy is contagious and if you surround yourself with positive one you will definitely enhance your positivity.

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