Trust Your Intuition: Listening to the Voice Within

Trust Your Intuition

Do you ever feel drawn to something and you wonder why? Or maybe you talk yourself out of something only to realize later it was the right choice for you after all. Do you trust your intuition? I had a really interesting experience on a recent shopping trip that helped me realize that I should listen my intuition a little more.

A Gut Feeling

A few days ago I went to the local supermarket to pick up some lottery tickets. (One of the drawings was worth $500 million dollars!) There was only one register open that was selling the tickets and it had a long line. That’s when I saw it: at the front of the store was a kiosk that sold lottery tickets. And there was no line! All that was required was a license proving you were 18 or older and cash. I had both.

I went to the kiosk and scanned the back of my license. From there I had to enter the cash. I took a $20 from my wallet, thinking I would purchase the tickets, get my change and be out of the store in minutes.

After hitting the correct buttons, my tickets printed out and were waiting for me. Glancing at the scratch tickets in the kiosk, I noticed one that was golden and was drawn to it. I almost bought it, then realized it was $10! Not wanting to spend $10 on one ticket, I grabbed the two that had printed out and looked for the button to indicate I was done and needed change.

What Would You Do?

It was at this point that I was completely ready to ignore my intuition and leave the store. That was my plan, until I noticed a sign saying the machine was unable to give change. I had to spend another $14 in lottery tickets! Since I had to purchase more, I decided to buy the golden scratch ticket along with a few others.

I was annoyed about this development. I purchased the golden ticket along with a few others and chalked it up as a lesson learned. I was hoping that I would make back the money I had inadvertently lost, though I thought it was unlikely. Upon scratching the tickets I realized that I had won $54, and $50 of that was on the golden scratch ticket!

So why am I telling you this story? What does it have to do with you?

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Acting on Intuition

We often get what may be called ‘gut feelings’. I had one immediately upon noticing the golden colored ticket. When I saw the cost, I chose to ignore it. I rationalized my feeling and was prepared to walk away. It was only once I realized I had to spend the money that I followed through with that feeling, and I am glad I did.

Learning to Trust Your Intuition

  1. Practice with small matters. As you become more comfortable with listening to your gut, decisions become easier. You will also become more comfortable listening to your intuition on a larger scale.
  2. Let go of fear. It can be difficult to listen to your gut when you are thinking about what might go wrong. It could be useful to ask yourself what the possible outcomes are so that you can determine if it is something you’re willing to try. You may also want to ask, “What could go right?” 
  3. Know that sometimes you will be uncomfortable. Listening to your intuition can lead you on a path that few people choose. Trust yourself.

Pay attention to the ‘gut feelings’ in life. That doesn’t mean you have to act on every one. Really listen to your intuition. Evaluate these feelings, and act on the ones that feel right. You may be passing up something awesome if you ignore them. Most of the time, these moments pass quickly. It is unlikely that you will be ‘forced’ to listen, as in my case. I would have walked away with my losing tickets. Instead, I ended up winning $54. When we listen to the quiet voice within, wonderful things can happen.

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When have you listened to your intuition?

6 thoughts on “Trust Your Intuition: Listening to the Voice Within”

  1. This is a great post. I love the story you included! It’s funny how we have become so trained to talk ourselves out of listening to our intuition. I am currently actively working on tuning into my intuition, and you are right, it definitely takes practice, and has been helpful to start on small things and go from there.

  2. Yes, yes, YES! If we did not follow our intuition when our youngest was born, who knows how long it would’ve taken to get her 3 congenital eye defects in her right eye diagnosed. We kept pushing and asking because of a feeling that we knew something wasn’t right. Intuition is a must!

  3. Intuition is a huge part of life whether that be in everyday like and most of the time in relationships. A lot of us drop our intuition but like you said it’s always right!!! Glad you made this post!

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