Sadness and a Powerful Remedy

how to deal with sadness

Sadness.  Over the last few days I have been feeling sad.  It recedes then returns.  What is a person to do?  Luckily, there is a way for you to handle such emotions and I am happy to share it (ironic, isn’t it…).

Emotions happen and that’s okay.  That is their purpose for being.  They are your friends.  They are there to help you find your way.

We live in an inclusive Universe that relies upon contrast to guide our choices. 

How do we know hot in the absence of cold?  Better yet, how do we know what we like in absence of that which we do not like?

It is okay to feel sad.

It is okay to feel every emotion.

It is okay to acknowledge that a change in direction is desired.  (That is if you would like to feel better, which no matter what you may tell yourself from time to time, you always want to feel better).

This is a blessing.  It is a gift. 

Take the next step.  The next step requires only the least bit of effort.  Make the conscious choice to acknowledge what your emotions are telling you.  Acknowledge this guidance and choose again.

The next choice may be to think a better feeling thought.  The next choice may be to experience the emotion fully.

Many of us were taught to suppress our emotions.  “Be a big boy (or girl).”  “Act your age.” “You shouldn’t be crying about that.” And so it goes.

The paradox here is that the fastest way to feeling better is often allowing yourself to feel your feelings to their fullest. 

Imagine a huge tank of water with a fire hose connected to it.  This fire hose is the only means to drain the water from the tank.  And once the water is gone, it’s gone.  Which way will drain the tank fastest: slightly opening the hose and allowing a trickle of water to drip out or fully opening the hose and letting the water jet out in full force?  The answer is obvious; let it rip.

Our emotions are the same way.  Sometimes, we don’t have access to a better feeling thought because there is too much emotion in us that wants to be let loose.  Sometimes emotions must be released in order to give us the relief that is needed to improve our condition.

If you are feeling sad, do you want to let out your sadness slowly over several hours, days or weeks?  Or would you rather find some time for yourself, be still, and allow yourself to fully open up and release the sadness completely?

Either way is fine.  Which one is more useful?  That is the question.  Which method will benefit you the most?  What is your choice?  What do you choose to experience?  Often, when we experience negative emotions, we desire some relief, release or hope.  Give yourself that gift of experiencing your emotion and then releasing it.

Then, with your sadness relieved, simply choose again.  Choose a mighty, powerful thought.  Choose a blessing.  Choose to bless another.  If that is too much, simply choose your best available thought and repeat the process.

Craft a powerful affirmation. (Note: for more info about affirmations, read the section on intentionally choosing your thoughts in our post, “What in the World are You Telling Yourself.”) Speak your affirmation powerfully and feel every word.  Then arise.  Arise and be reborn.  For this is the truth that happens each and every day as our soul slumbers and is reborn into our body.

Emotions are temporary.

Powerful, positive processes and practices can last a lifetime and affect your trajectory for the benefit of yourself and all who are influenced by your presence.

Namaste 🙏

How are you best able to overcome sadness?

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