Patience, Wisdom
How often does the Teacher, Patience, call upon you?

It’s actually quite easy to measure. Simply count the number of times in a day that you get angry, annoyed, or upset for any reason whatsoever.

This is the calling card.

This is the opportunity, the lesson and the wisdom.

I know it well.

Patience has called upon me throughout my life in various ways and to different degrees.

I have not always been equal to the task.

For instance, I once got seriously angry at a fake plant that I bumped into in a corporate office. I stared it down with vile intent (seriously).

The thought of that event makes me chuckle – now that is…

At the time, I was angry at the plant for existing as well as the person who “deliberately” placed it in my way.

My, my, the stories that we tell ourselves. How the littlest things can trigger us and ruin our days is impressive!


We seldom are aware when she calls us by name.

A rude comment…

A story in the news…

An opinion that goes against our point of view…

The dreaded predictability of a family member or a loved one…


How do we grow? How can we move past these triggers and emotions?

How do we advance to such a state where we become imperturbable? – Where life happens and our reactions to life happening are calm.

Three practices have helped me tremendously in this regard. They are:

1. Meditation

2. Honesty with myself

3. Humility.

No. 2 & No. 3 are intrinsically linked. When I became honest with myself, my life changed dramatically for the better. It started when I asked myself, if what I was doing was working for me, then why wasn’t I happy? This one question enabled me to make the necessary changes in my life that foster happiness.

It was then through the courage of humility where I allowed myself to be wrong. To allow myself to review my choices and recognize that these choices were providing me the results that I found unacceptable, challenging or upsetting.

The humility and honesty to allow myself to make a new choice in order to receive a different result was enlightening.

And that has made all the difference.

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Are you patient?

Comment below and tell us. Let us know where you are in your journey of patience (of lack thereof 😉)

Namaste 🙏

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