No Microwave. No Problem!

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To microwave, or not to microwave? Are microwaves safe? When researching about what caused the complications I experienced during late pregnancy and delivery of our third daughter, I began learning that some of our food habits were not as healthy as I’d previously thought. Several months into that research I stumbled upon a few articles about the negative effects of microwave use.

While I didn’t save those articles, I did some internet research and have links to articles both for and against microwave use at the end of this post. You may want to take a few minutes to read them so you are able to make an informed decision for yourself and your family. We support that you are making the best choice for you either way!

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Are Microwaves Safe?

As Nick and I became more aware of the food we were putting into our family’s bodies, we started talking about how it just didn’t seem like the best idea to use a microwave anymore. I remembered when I was a child and my family had just gotten a microwave. I was about 5 and really wanted to see this new thing all the grownups were talking about. I wanted to see how it worked.

I remember standing in front of it watching something cook. My uncle came over and told me to stay away from the microwave while it was cooking because it was dangerous when it turned on. He told me something about radiation when I asked questions. I didn’t really understand it but it always stayed with me because I remember wondering why we had something so dangerous in our house. I talked to my mom a few times about it over the years and she always assured me that it was safe.


Our Family’s Journey to Becoming Microwave Free

Nick and I had already had some conversations about microwave safety and then that memory resurfaced. We began using the microwave less often. A few months later, I happened to stumble upon a few articles in quick succession which explained the dangers of using a microwave. After sharing them with Nick we decided to really cut back our microwave usage.

At that point we still used it on occasion, but as we got better at cooking and heating food without it, months would go by and we wouldn’t touch it. Every time I asked Nick if we should just get rid of it, he would answer that he still wanted to keep it, just in case we needed it  for something.

About a year after we stopped using it, we were both ready to let it go. Then we ran into a dilemma: should we trash it or donate it? Because we were getting rid of it to become healthier, would it be ethical to let someone else use it?

When we sat down and talked about it we decided to donate it. Our thinking was that most American families still use microwaves. It was a fairly new microwave when we decided to stop using it and in perfect condition. Getting rid of it wouldn’t stop other families from using a microwave. In donating ours, we were giving a family of lesser means the opportunity to have something for free that they would otherwise spend money on.

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Left Over Night is So Much Tastier! (How We Cook/Reheat Food)

Many family members and friends ask us how we heat up food without a microwave. We use the methods listed below. One added bonus we have noticed is that the food tastes better and has more of the original texture when we heat it up using one of the below methods! We also like to use cookware that isn’t non stick because we feel it’s a healthier choice.

  1. Conventional Oven: We use our oven almost every day, often multiple time a day. We do most of the initial cooking here. In addition, we use it to heat up things like pizza or any other food cooked in the oven. We usually set the oven temperature to 350 degrees and start checking on it after 5-8 minutes. The temperature and time will depend on what type of food it is and the amount of food in there.
  2. Toaster Oven: When we have smaller items to cook we will use this like a mini oven. We also use it to cook toast, heat waffles, etc.
  3. Stove Top: We have found it to be pretty easy to heat lots of different types of food on the stove top. Often we just put the food in a pot with a small amount of liquid and cover the pot. Then we stir the food occasionally as it’s heating to make sure it heats evenly. For milk based foods (like mac & cheese) we use milk as the liquid. We use water for the rest. The food usually heats up quickly, so be sure to keep an eye on it!
  4. Crockpot: You can set it and forget, at least for a few hours, when using a crockpot. This is one of the easiest ways to cook!

We use these or similar items.

10 thoughts on “No Microwave. No Problem!”

  1. Oh my goodness! Our microwave went out and I thought I was going to have a fit! lol Luckily we had an extra one in the shed. The funny thing is that I reheat food a lot of times in the oven anyway.

  2. It is awesome to see someone else that is microwave free!! The way we became microwave free a little different. We bought an older house and had to replace all the appliances. Well instead of getting a microwave to go above the stove I wanted a really pretty hood vent instead. We have not bought a microwave and have been microwave free for going on 4 months. Not long but it is nice since we have to make food instead of just popping things into the microwave.

  3. We have been microwave free for almost three years! We had one in our apartment because it was already there, and just never purchased one when we got a house. We use our toaster oven for reheating leftovers a lot though!

  4. This is SO interesting! I’ve thought about giving up the microwave largely to get stuff off my counters, but I never go through with it because of the convenience of reheating leftovers. Your easy tips to do that are such great suggestions, though. Especially the toaster oven. Maybe this time I’ll actually pull the plug 🙂

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