Making Healthier Choices- Fit by 40, Week 2

These tips for making healthy choices are manageable and create a healthier lifestyle.

Fit by 40, Week 2

Fit by 40, Week 2 was a little challenging for me in terms of the areas that need work from Week 1. I was working furiously on a project to meet the April 30 deadline. Also, spring sports have really picked up. With three of the kids involved, we ate dinner as a family less frequently. I was able to make sure the kids ate a relatively healthy meal before they needed to leave the house. My husband Nick and I are another story. We ended up eating after the kids were in bed a couple of nights this week due. Although it was fun, I would like to begin advanced meal planning again (it’s been a few weeks) and am hopeful that it will help things fall into place.

What Went Well, Week 2:

  1. Making Healthier Choices at Night: Though Nick and I did end up eating after the kids went to bed a few nights, we made healthier choices. A couple of times we had the same meal the kids ate, just a little later. We also mixed it up a little and had a ‘fun’ night this weekend. I made air popped popcorn when I normally would have made nachos for the second time in a week. This was an enjoyable change. I was satisfied without being full. Also, I felt much better upon waking up the next morning.
  1. Making Healthier Choices While Shopping: Ice cream is a weakness of mine. I could literally eat it every day! I had smaller portions than normal a couple of times last week with the family (small victory!) and we were out of ice cream at home. Knowing that I had eaten lots of cookies this week and that we were getting donuts over the weekend helped me to forgo the ice cream at the grocery store on Saturday.
  1. Eating Less Frequently Between Meals: I realized that I often snack when in the kitchen getting snacks for the kids or making their lunches for school the next day. All of that mindless snacking adds up! I still have a snack if I am truly hungry between meals and I usually choose a piece of fruit. I figure that if I am really hungry, fruit is a good choice. If I don’t want fruit, then I am probably not that hungry.

Areas That Need Work, Week 2:

    1. Exercise: I exercised only 1 time (again). And that is only if you count walking around for a good portion of the day at an outdoor museum. I was blessed to chaperone my daughter’s field trip on Friday. I packed a relatively healthy lunch and wore comfortable clothes and sneakers. We walked for several hours at a relaxed pace. I am counting it because I was up and moving for an extended period of time.
    1. Eating Sweets: We had church group meetings at our house two evenings this week and I ate cookies at each meeting. My mother taught me to be a good hostess and always have a freshly baked snack when guests are coming. I made cookies for both evening meetings and definitely had a generous helping! Late night eating and sugary snacks are weaknesses of mine. My wonderful and supportive husband Nick suggested offering fruit or veggies in the future. It is definitely something to consider, though I have baked for every meeting for each of these groups for years. Group members may be surprised to walk in and find veggies instead of dessert! Maybe they will welcome such a change?

    We also got donuts after church this weekend. I enjoyed a normal amount and stopped eating at that point. Then I had left over donuts again the next morning for breakfast. Indulging here and there is fine and goes along with my desire to eat everything in moderation. Having them twice in a 24 hour time period may be overdoing it.

    1. Drink More Water: Warmer weather seems to remind me to drink more water. We are supposed to have warmer weather this week, with temperatures in the mid 70’s to mid 80’s. Hopefully that will remind me! I have multiple glass and stainless steel water bottles that I have been carrying around with me. Now it’s time to actually remember to drink from them!

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Even with the ups and downs of this week, I feel more energized than normal. The little changes that are working continue to add up to a healthier overall lifestyle. I am really excited to continue this journey!

What were your successes and challenges in Week 1?

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  1. I started trying to train my brain to crave fruit rather than cookies and icecream and that seems to have helped a lot with my health. If I need that extra kick then sometimes I sprinkle chocolate on. 🙂

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