A Healthier Journey – Fit by 40, Week 1

Fit by 40, Week 1. Tips for getting started on your healthier journey.

Fit by 40, Week 1 

I weighed myself for the first time in a long time (about 6 months) and was a little surprised to see that my weight is pretty much the same as it was then. I feel like I’ve lost weight…

In addition, I took some measurements to help me track my progress. Combined with weighing myself each week, I will have a better picture of how I’m doing overall. Knowing that I am holding myself accountable will also serve as motivation.

After my 5 year old rubbed my belly at church and told me that it was big (kids are very honest!), I am more determined than ever to model a healthy lifestyle and body for my children. They will see me eating a healthy diet overall while still enjoying some indulgences. In addition, exercising for health will be my priority. I am hoping to enjoy more fun family activities that also provide exercise, like playing soccer together in the backyard.

What Went Well: Fit by 40, Week 1

  1. Mindful Eating: I became more mindful in my eating. Right away, I realized that I sometimes eat because the opportunity is there. When someone offers me something, I am able to say, “No thank you.” Now I think about whether or not I am actually hungry before choosing to have a snack.
  1. Nacho Night Modified: Our weekly nacho night is something I really look forward to. Instead of eliminating it, I decided to cut back slightly on the portion. This week I made nachos with 4-5 fewer chips than normal. Usually I feel pretty full after nachos. This week I was satisfied without being full. Also, nacho night had recently become a twice a week occurrence. In support of my fit by 40 goal, my husband Nick and I agreed to have nachos on Monday nights only.
  1. Healthy snacking: I now eat the snacks I offer the kids. Yes, I was guilty of offering them only healthy snacks while I would later eat junk food! Now I eat fruit or maybe a few crackers instead of a handful of chocolate or some chips if I am truly hungry between meals. This goes back to more mindful eating (#1 above).


Areas That Need Work: Fit by 40, Week 1

  1. Exercise: I exercised only one time. While this is definitely a step up from the amount of intentional exercise I have done all year (that would be once or twice in all of 2018 to this point), I am planning to increase the amount I exercise. This one may take me a few weeks to accomplish. In addition to all of my regular responsibilities, I am working on a project with a specific due date that is looming. Exercising more frequently will probably be the first thing to go until the project is complete.
  1. Go to Bed on Time: I went to bed late a few times. There is only so much time in the day and I have a lot that I’d like to accomplish. As my dad once said, I like to fit 10 pounds of flour into a 5 pound bag. (I am working on that too.) Getting enough sleep has many health benefits so it is an area for growth. With deadlines looming, this one may also take a few weeks to accomplish.  
  1. Drink More Water: I need to drink more water. People are supposed to drink half their body weight in ounces of water each day. I am nowhere near that number. I was doing well with this for a few weeks when I wrote about the benefits of lemon water and then I just stopped. It’s time to increase my water intake again. Hopefully it will also help me with mindful eating, as sometimes a feeling of hunger is really a need for more water. 

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As you can see, these are small steps in the right direction. I plan to build upon them as I work my way back to a healthier lifestyle because this is about more than losing the baby weight. It’s about living life well, making my health a priority and being a good role model for my children. I am making sustainable changes that become part of everyday life.

What are your tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

14 thoughts on “A Healthier Journey – Fit by 40, Week 1”

  1. Keep up the good work! I am also trying to up my water intake and healthy eating. I think it is so important to measure and track your progress in other ways – not just the scale.

  2. Slow and steady wins the race! This is the way to do it – make small changes that stick. My personal key to sticking with it is thinking about what every piece of food with more carbs than I need would do to my blood sugar (type 1 diabetic). Nowadays I can smell the sugar and say ‘no thanks.’ It also helps to pick up the 40-pound bag of cat litter to remind myself of the extra weight I used to carry.

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