Fit by 40, Week 13 – Awareness

Fit by 40 Week 13 focuses on awareness and how it helps people reach their goals.

Fit by 40, Week 13 – Awareness

Have you ever realized something and wondered why it took so long to become aware of it? I have become aware of several things this week. The first is that exercise is really important to me. It increases both my physical and overall wellness. I feel so much better in body and spirit when I get regular exercise. The other thing that I  became aware of this week is that when circumstances beyond my control cause a change in routine, it is up to me to get back into my routine as quickly as possible. Former habits can creep up pretty quickly. I need to make sure that I am true to my new lifestyle.

What Went Well, Week 12:

  1. Eating Sweets: For the first time in this Fit by 40 experience, eating sweets has made it into the ‘what went well’ section! This is a considerable victory! I am craving fewer sweets now, as evidenced by the amount of dessert that was in the house this week. Normally I eat desserts until they’re gone. This week I walked by two different desserts on multiple occasions without being tempted. Though I still had the occasional dessert, it was much less than my old normal. I consider this a huge win!
  1. Mindful Eating: Now that the kids are home from school, I am taking the time to eat with them rather than eat as I work. I am enjoying my food more and I am eating less frequently. I am more in tune with my body and its’ needs. We are also enjoying the bountiful fruits of summer. They are fresh and delicious! Eating more fruits and vegetables fills me up so that I am less tempted by other things, like the dessert mentioned above. I have found that this is true for the kids as well. I find that when I am mindful and eat healthier foods first, I am often satisfied. 
  1. Getting More Sleep: As mentioned in the Week 11 and Week 12 posts, I have not been getting enough sleep recently. I was determined to get more sleep this week. Due to unforeseen sleep interruptions with our younger two children, I was set to have a third tired week in a row. Fortunately, I was able to turn it around by napping when the kids were resting/napping this week. Those few quick naps were instrumental in helping me stay on track with getting enough sleep. It is amazing what a 15 minute nap can do!
  1. Meditation: I have been able to continue daily meditation in the morning. It really helps start the day off well. I feel more centered and focused. It seems that I have more productive and happier days when I meditate first. I am working on meditating before bed too. Some nights it goes well, while other nights I fall asleep.

If you’re considering meditation, research shows that there are many benefits to meditation. Even just 10 minutes a day is helpful. I started with 10 minutes a day and have worked my way up to 20-40 minutes daily. I used to think that I didn’t have time for meditation. Now I know that it is time well spent! I am a better version of myself when I meditate and have smoother, more productive days.

Areas That Needs Work, Week 10:

  1. Exercise: This week our two youngest kids were sick. It was a quick illness thankfully and they are already better. I was unable to exercise for five days in a row and was genuinely disappointed. The unplanned break from exercise made me realize how much I enjoy my daily exercise now and that I actually look forward to it. When the kids were feeling better I was so ready to jump back in to my exercise routine! This is exciting because these habits have truly become a new, healthier lifestyle.
  1. Late night snacking: My husband Nick and I returned to our old late night snacking habits this week. Our normal dinner schedule was interrupted several times this week. This translated into feeding the kids a quick dinner a few nights. Then Nick and I ate dinner late at night. While it was fun, it was detrimental to my overall fitness goals. I noticed a difference in how I felt upon waking up the next morning. We will be returning to our healthier habits next week as our schedules return to normal.

I am so grateful for the awareness that has come with the Fit by 40 challenge. In the past I would have just slipped back into old habits when met with a bump in the road. Now I know that the changes I have made are benefiting myself and my family in many positive ways. My new awareness of how beneficial these habits are to our family’s overall health and wellness makes me excited to get back to our new routines quickly.

Have you been made aware of something during the Fit by 40 challenge?

10 thoughts on “Fit by 40, Week 13 – Awareness”

  1. I am trying to get fit now so by 40, it has become a lifestyle for me (im 25) but i love this chalenge that youre doing, for how long is it going?

  2. I need to become more aware of myself and my habits, for the last two years I’ve been in this depression rut and I’m slaying clawing out. I think a little extra of all of the above would help a great deal. Great job for almost kicking the sweets! That would be my hardest trial.

  3. I have realized that I have really let myself get out of shape in my 30s and decided this weekend it needs to stop now for my health and other reasons as well. I loved how you went through what went well and what you struggled with each week. I think it is awesome you are seeing improvements and even if you struggle one week you make it a goal to do better next week. I am going to try and do this same thing.

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