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Find Deeper Meaning

Feed the Birds

In times like these, it is beneficial to seek a deeper meaning. It is fairly well known that our family loves Disney. One of the many reasons why we love Disney is that so many of Disney’s themes have an underlying tone of compassion and love.

Key to Happiness

Kindness is the Key

Kindness is the key. Gentleness to yourself, your family, your situation and the world. Upset arises first through inner conflict. It is a friction between what IS and what you are telling yourself what SHOULD BE.

Monday Traditon

Mondays Happen

Mondays Happen. That’s a fact. Some days we look forward to while we dread others. This could be a specific day of the week, a future event or even an annual holiday. My wife, Keri, taught me many years ago that it is important to look for something positive in …

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