Welcome to the Happiness Experiment!

Ah, happiness. What is it and why can it be so elusive at times?

If you have ever struggled with anger, frustration or anxiety, then this experience is a must for you!

Enjoy a fun, interactive experience as we explore happiness together and unlock some of the greatest barriers you face so that you can live your best life – right now – filled with peace, love and joy.

This could very well be the first step on the best journey of your life.

Welcome, enjoy. We are honored being here with you. Namaste.

In This Experience, You Will Discover…

What You Really Want
Meditation Instruction
Mastery Tool #1 – from our 7 Step Self Mastery Program!
Member Topics – chosen from our Good Fit Calls
How to Remove the Biggest Block to Your Happiness – Forever!

About Nick

Nick is a certified meditation instructor by Chopra and is deeply knowledgeable in the application of personal development materials so that his clients receive the results they desire.

Nick’s personal journey of Self discovery and mastery combined with his engineering background offer him a unique ability to break down large complicated problems into simple manageable tasks.

Passionately and purposefully, Nick loves assisting others in their unique personal journey of living the life that they really desire. His purpose is being the light for others that he wished he had when overcoming his own darkness on his journey to profound peace, love, joy and, of course, happiness.

Nick Siciliano


You May Want to Know…

What is the Happiness Experiment?

The Happiness Experiment is a personal experience that includes direct access to Nick via phone (or Zoom), a 5 day experience via a private Facebook group and other personal experiences as well. It is a safe space that helps you get from where you are to where you want to be.

What are the next steps?

1. Sign-up for the Happiness Experiment by completing the form on this page

2. Book-in a 15 minute Good Fit Call so that we can take the next steps together and personalize the Happiness Experiment for you!

3. After the call, Join the private Facebook Group and enjoy the ride!

Why is there a call before joining the Group?

We only offer ourselves to those who we can assist and who will take the necessary steps to receive the benefits they desire.  This call is a great opportunity to find out if we are a good fit for each other.

What should you expect?

Openness.  Respect.  Fun.  Honesty.

Is there any cost?


On the Fence? – Get a Second Opinion

“My name is Frank and I recently completed the Awaken Happiness Within 7 Step Self Mastery course run by Nick Siciliano. I want to begin by saying how much this class has improved by everyday life and handed me the tools to achieve my long term goals. The class was informative, opened my mind to new ideas and brought a great deal of clarity to my life.

Before I took this course, my life was a scattered, disorganized mess of conflicting beliefs, desires and obligations. I woke up each day just struggling to get through and hope that maybe tomorrow would be better. As a result of this lifestyle, I experienced mild to moderate anxiety on a near daily basis. My life was waiting and dreading the next shift at work, the next social interaction and at times, dreading to be at home with my family. My expectation was stress and isolation and I met those expectations without fail.

After going through the 7 Step Self Mastery course, my life is tremendously better. I would compare it to flipping a light switch. Where there was fear and anxiety, I now experience love and hope. The daily encounter with anxiety is gone, replaced by moments of anxiety that are managed through successful application of the tools taught in this course. This course has taught me how to focus my mindset and my efforts on achieving my best life. Instead of cycling through a series of ill-defined dreams, I now have solid achievable goals that bring focus and clarity to my life. Most of all, I am happy and enjoy the choices I make each day.

My wife keeps telling me that I am acting like I did when we first met, a happier and better version of myself that I used to be. Thanks to Nick and this course, I am on my way to achieving my goals and being the best version of myself.”

Frank W.

…you’ll be so glad that you did. Namaste 🙏